Rising Phoenix Mastiff Rescue

Saving lives, one at a time!

Welcome to Rising Phoenix Mastiff Rescue

Hello from all of us at Rising Phoenix Mastiff Rescue.

We encourage you to take a moment and look around and learn a little about our rescue and who we are. We believe there is no such thing as a bad dog, only dogs from bad situations. There is no such thing as a dog to broken, only a dog who is looking for hope. We STRIVE to help the dogs who are often forgotten or those who are less adoptable. We put in the time and training needed to get these wonderful dogs ready for new homes. 

 We work with many special needs dogs who would have other wise not have a chance to find a home or survive in a shelter. We take in dogs with not only medical needs but training needs as well. We also work with many rare breeds, difficult breeds, and mixes of such to help these amazing dogs. Some just need the right situation to become the perfect pet. We have no time limit for a dog to find a home. We have some long timers that have been with us for years, these dogs are as welcome as the moment they first came to us. We are here for their lives. If there is a problem even years down the road we are your rescue family and want to be part of their lives.

Rising Phoenix Mastiff Rescue was founded by a small group of volunteers who are passionate about large breeds and dogs in need. We do everything we can to save these dogs. We want to help anyway we can. We offer education, assistance finding a trainer, advice, and re homing. We understand that sometimes dogs just need help. We also work with a Vet who we adore, and offer help with medical needs as well!

Sometimes owners just need a bit of advice or help. We are happy to help with that as well. Our goal is to keep dogs in the best home possible, some times that is the home they are already in! If you need help with training, advice, or medical help we can help as best as we can, or point you in a direction with someone who can. 


Saved Lives